* Weishfest 2016 Welcomes National Headliner O.A.R. *


What is WeishFest

WeishFest (pronounced “Wish” Fest) is AWF’s bread and butter.  Every year, we host an all-day music festival unlike anything in the area. In previous years, we gathered at Standard Bank Stadium in Crestwood, IL, and rocked out to epic musical performances during the summer. WeishFest 2016 is full of surprises - we have a new location at 115th Bourbon Street and our biggest headliner yet, O.A.R.! The incredible music, food, venue, and atmosphere is something you don’t want to miss.  Give to a great cause and have fun - all at the same time. 100% of proceeds made at this annual event benefit families stricken with the burdens of cancer

WeishFest 2016 Information