AWF Supports Houston Hurricane Victims Battling Cancer

The Andrew Weishar Foundation had a special opportunity to support two families in Houston who are not only battling cancer, but also were greatly affected by the recent disaster, Hurricane Harvey.

Byron P, a 17 year old has a history of Leukemia and was diagnosed when he was just 10 years old. Playing football, and living the simple life every 10 year old deserves, he started feeling pain, bruising more and developing flu symptoms. His single mother, Adeladia, took him into the doctor and and soon received the tragic news. Despite the physical and mental tolls  cancer causes Byron and his mother Adeladia, these two continue to keep their spirits high. Having family that doesn't live in the area, they really are a ‘two-man’ team, battling this terrible disease together. As if a 7 year battle with cancer isn't difficult enough, their home was flooded by Hurricane Harvey. At the time of the hurricane Byron and Adeladia were checked into Texas Children's hospital. However, when returning home, they arrived back to a flooded and mold-filled house. Local friends, who have been supporting the two during this cancer journey, were able to strip everything and luckily Bryon and Adeladia can return home. The words resilience and determination simply do not do justice to the will of Byron and his amazing mother.

Sergio R, a 12 year old, also has a history of Leukemia. Sergio has been battling cancer for two years. After playing soccer, he began to feel consistent pain and realizing something was not right, his mom Liliana, took him directly to Texas Children's Hospital, in which they quickly diagnosed David with Leukemia. Unfortunately, he was allergic to most chemo treatments. The doctors and nurses realized that one specific type of chemo with benadryl agreed with David’s body. A recent bone marrow transplant has led to a long schedule of treatments - yet the family’s spirits never falter. Sadly, the recent hurricane made the already difficult road even bumpier. The Reyes’ home flooded with nearly a foot of water. Thankfully, David’s grandmother lives nearby and took the family in. While the house has been gutted since the storm, David is staying with his grandmother until conditions are better suited for his weakened immune system. He misses his three other siblings, who are back living in their family home. David has a great support system, and many other friends have brought some much needed support during these difficult couple months. This family has been through so much, yet they remain incredibly upbeat and positive.

We are humbled by the perseverance of these two families and are lucky to welcome them to The Andrew Weishar Foundation Family. Because of the generosity of our supporters, The AWF was able to provide these incredible people some much needed financial support during the most difficult of times. Thank you for “Paying it Forward” with us.