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Meet: Brian Hynes

Paying It Forward Daily

Brian Hynes, Vice President

Why Weish4Ever?
I met Andrew Weishar in the fall of 2008. I was coaching basketball at his rival high school, and he was not happy about our pursuit of his younger brother Nic. As the years went on, despite a massive difference in age, we formed a bond because we both loved his brother. Andrew was 25 years younger than me, but through the grace of God, he became my best friend. We hung out almost every day during the last couple years of his life. We golfed, went to sporting events, and towards the end, we just sat and talked. I am a member of this foundation, because if I wasn’t, it would be an insult to the memory of my friend. Andrew taught me about kindness. He was kind even in the face of awful pain. He was kind to everyone that came to see him. I will never forget his fight and his strength. Andrew never knew what he gave me because I was the elder. To this this very day, when times get tough, I always think about his resolve. What would Andrew do? He would fight. I am a member of this foundation because Andrew Weishar deserves to have his name carried on. He was special. I had never met anyone like him, and since his passing, I still haven’t met his equal. Don, Jean, Dan, and Nic are family to me. It is my duty to carry on the message of their son and brother. 

About Me
I have been in the financial sector for my entire career. I was a bond trader at The Chicago Board of Trade from 1991-2005. For the last ten years, I am a partner in a financial services firm helping families and small business’ plan for their future. I was the assistant varsity basketball coach at Marist High School for 13 years. It was at Marist that I was introduced to the Weishar family. I coached Nic and through my relationship with him and his parents, I was introduced to my hero, Andrew. My wife Roberta, and two sons Enzo and Seve, also met the Weishar family through Marist High School. 

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