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Meet: Dan Weishar

Paying It Forward Daily

Dan Weishar, Founder / President

Why Weish4Ever?
We started The Andrew Weishar Foundation and WeishFest with the mission of carrying on the memory of my older brother, Andrew Weishar. In 2012, nineteen years old at the time, I sat at Andrew's bedside in awe of the devastation that cancer brings. However, it was not the life ending illness that opened my eyes, but rather, each night I sat there inspired by how this 21-year-old hero carried himself throughout the struggle. Despite all he went through, the one and only request he had for us was to ensure other families are shown the same kindness that we as a family received. My drive and motivation sparked from those moments with Andrew and from his selfless wish to bring joy to others in need. Today, with his memory at the helm, I am further inspired and invigorated by the many beneficiaries we are lucky to welcome into the Family. Consistently, we witness patients and their families facing the most difficult moments of their lives - and they do so with such humility, compassion, hope, and determination. We at Weish4Ever are lucky to be a resource for these families, striving to ensure they know they are never alone in this fight.

About Me
I work professionally in the Capital Markets and Debt Syndication group at Antares Capital. Outside of work, I volunteer as the Founder/President of the Andrew Weishar Foundation and the Executive Producer of our annual music festival, WeishFest. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts and generosity of the Weish4Ever Officers and Board of Directors on this page, our many volunteers, partners, and sponsors, The Andrew Weishar Foundation's mission continues to grow. Collectively, we pride ourselves on making a visible, powerful and immediate impact for those who need it most.

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