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Meet: Dave Hilger

Paying It Forward Daily

Dave Hilger, Secretary

Why Weish4Ever?
When Danny (now known as Dan) approached me with his idea of honoring his big brother, mentor and best friend, I was blown away on many levels. First, his energy, and focus were so intense it was contagious. He had big honorable goals, and I knew he would achieve them. Second, Andrew’s story was so sad but so common. An incredible young man with such a bright future left unfulfilled. Andrew’s desire to pay it forward and help others even in his death, was inspiring. Also, I had lost a brother to cancer, so the mission hit close to home.

About Me
I am a lifelong resident of the southwest suburbs. Happily married to Lynn. We have 3 wonderful and healthy kids. Now all grown and on their own. On the professional side, I have been in mortgage banking my entire career. Throughout the years I have always found time to give back to worthwhile causes. I have been involved in youth sports, community events, and nonprofits. In addition to W4E I am on the Executive Board of HFS Chicago Scholars.

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