The Andrew Weishar Foundation

Relieving the Burden, Instilling Hope, Paying it Forward

Providing direct financial assistance to families with adolescents or young adults battling cancer

In Honor of Andrew Weishar

Sparked By A Selfless Wish

Before he passed in October of 2012, Andrew asked his younger brother Dan to "pay forward" the acts of kindness and generosity shown to their family. In early 2013, Weish4Ever was created to honor this selfless request, specifically by: easing the financial burden, bringing joy, and ensuring patients and their families know they're not alone in this fight against cancer.

Who We Support

A Crucial Resource to an Under-Served Population

Adolescents and young adults ("AYAs") with cancer face unique challenges such as fertility, relationships, dating, singlehood, parenting, insurance, financial assistance, career planning, education and age-appropriate peers support.

A cancer diagnosis at this age can leave them feeling like nobody understands. For this demographic, it’s especially difficult to stop the forward momentum in life with their education, career, friends & family, while those around them are moving on.

Cancer is expensive! Cancer at a young age can affect finances both short term and long term. Many young adults may not have health insurance or high-quality coverage. Additionally, many costs that are common for young people like student loans and tuition, rent or a mortgage, raising younger children, and other needs can add up quickly on top of the cost of cancer.

The entire medical community at large is less educated as to how to effectively communicate with, diagnose, treat, support and follow-up with AYAs. AYA survivors live with the aftermath of cancer much longer than many other cancer patients. The years of survivorship can bring on a plethora of medical complications, in addition to psychosocial challenges.

Meet The Team

Weish4Ever's Board of Directors

The Andrew Weishar Foundation is a volunteer-led organization headed by six Officers, an Executive Board, and an Ambassador Board. These individuals collectively and selflessly lead Weish4Ever's efforts in bringing direct joy and relief to families battling cancer.

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