The Andrew Weishar Foundation

Sparked by a Selfless Wish

Before he passed of cancer at 21 years old, Andrew Weishar had one request: to "pay forward" the kindness shown to his family during his battle


Paying It Forward - In Honor of Andrew Weishar

Before he passed in October of 2012, Andrew asked his younger brother Dan to "pay forward" the acts of kindness and generosity shown to their family. In early 2013, Weish4ever was created to honor this selfless request, specifically by: easing the financial burden, bringing joy, and providing a temporary escape from the daily realities of cancer.  

Facing The Cancer Journey

Paying It Forward

Acts Of Kindness

Andrew was constantly amazed and grateful for the endless acts of kindness he received from so many people throughout his community and beyond

Financial Burden

When Andrew was diagnosed, the Weishar family quickly realized that, on top of being a physical, mental, and psychological struggle; cancer is an extreme financial burden

Family Battle

Cancer diagnosis affects not only the patient - it affects the lives of the entire family and/or loved ones

Escaping Cancer

During Andrew’s 3-year battle, his greatest highlights were the “escapes” from the treatments and realities of his diagnosis. Andrew’s time with his family, friends, and moments of everyday, normal activities, provided needed reprieve from the realities he was facing

Easing The Burden,
Bringing Joy, Paying It Forward

Our mission is simple - directly relieve the financial burden faced by families facing cancer and ensure these families know they are not alone in this fight. We are often asked: "how can I help?" - below are just a few ways to make an impact! Do you have more ideas on how we can best "pay it forward?"

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