How To Get Involved

Weish4Ever relies on the hard work and determination of it's board members, volunteers and sponsors. We are always seeking opportunities to team up with other causes and organizations to better serve our mission. We are very often asked: 'how can I help?" so we focus these generous individuals on the following three opportunities: Donate to Our Cause at any time! Become or help us seek a WeishFest Sponsor! Consider joining our Ambassador Board!

The Andrew Weishar Foundation - Helping Cancer Victims in Chicago

Ambassador Board

Are you looking for a great way to give back? Learn about becoming a Weish4Ever Ambassador!

The Andrew Weishar Foundation - helps Cancer victims in Chicago

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are actively seeking sponsors for our annual event, WeishFest. Become a Sponsor of WeishFest and directly impact the lives of our beneficiaries.

The Andrew Weishar Foundation - helping Cancer victims in Chicago

Donate To Our Cause

Donating to our cause directly effects the lives of cancer patients. Learn about our beneficiaries.